Our bullfighting horses consists of Lusitanos, Quarterhorses, and an Arabian. Introducing (clockwise) Kaganche, Cadillac, Indio, Atrevido, Quiver, and Dollar. To navigate, simply place your mouse over a horse and then click on the horse to select it or select from the names on the right.

They are "Bullfighting Specialists" and are trained to perform at bullfights. Our horses are treated with extreme *TLC...just like family.

Each of the horse has an extensive lineage, namely the Lusitanos that include sub-breeds such as Veiga, Andrade, and Coimbra just to name a few. We invite you to read our training page so you can see exactly what it takes to train these beautiful horses to bullfight. Our horses are not only good at what they do, but they love every minute of it.

We have new horses that are in the midst of training to become bullfighting horses. For example, here's our beautiful palomino Azteca horse named Vistoso who is sired by the amazing Quiver, our buckskin Lusitano breeding stud stallion.

Bullfighting on horseback is a traditional Portuguese style of bullfighting practiced in Portugal, Spain, Mexico, and California. In the Spanish world, the term used for a bullfighter on horseback is Rejoneador (rejoneadora for female) rather than Cavaleiro (cavaleira for female). Bloodless bullfighting is practiced only in California. In Portugal, the bulls are not killed at the end of the bull fight, but blood is drawn during the performance to slow and tire the bull, that is why it is not termed as a "bloodless" bullfight in Portugal. In California, there is no blood drawn and the bull is definitely not killed at the end of the fight, but they are sent back into the pasture to either breed or graze in the fields.

To learn more about our horses bloodlines can view their Sire and Dam by clicking on the bloodline button. We also provide a 5-generation pedigree for our featured "Stallion Stud", Quiver.

We also have information for each type of breed, color, etc. You can view it here.

World class Cavaleiros have ridden our horses including Vitor Ribeiro, Antonio Telles, Patricia Pellen, Rodrigo Santos, and many more just to name a few.

*TLC = Tender, Love, & Care